For few year the vegetable and fruit diet of dr. Ewa Dąbrowska is very popular almost all over the world. Every day, many people want to start a new, better life. They want to feel good and have a slim shape and a better mood. Unfortunately, they often have no idea how to start the process of rebuilding the organism.

Dieta warzywno-owocowa dr. Ewy Dąbrowskiej

Why should you choose doctor Ewa Dąbrowska’s fruit and vegetable diet?

Vegetables and fruits provide vitamin C, pro-vitamin A, as well as fiber and minerals that help our body function properly. Another argument for using this diet is the fact that we have a natural tendency to follow trends and fashion, so if you can combine style with health, it is worth doing it. Now healthy food, mainly  vegetarian, grown and not produced, is in fashion now. These mechanisms affect us in a trivial way, we want to be and look like others. Isn’t it true?

What is it connected with?

Nowadays, more and more people are beginning to live a healthy life. Not everyone. But even  a small group is already a step on the way to reaching the summit, they are ready to start working on the diet and trying to begin healthier and better life. Young people, adults and the elderly, today everyone deserves a moment of happiness, joy and positive thinking. With us you will find your lost healthier part of life, any part which is not yet discovered. Starting from the young people, who especially during puberty, can be difficult falling into states of inertia of the body and mind, through people with ailments, to seniors. The diet is effective and important for everyone, because it will make you improve your health in a few weeks, you will feel a lot better, and this will affect the better relationship with the environment and loved ones. The experience we have gained while using the vegetable and fruit diet is confirmed and thoroughly analyzed by the medical community. They confirm the thesis that the diet supports the treatment of many civilization diseases. We use it in the case of treatment of Metabolic Syndrome X, which is destroying by the organism if it’s not stopped.

Dieta warzywno-owocowa dr. Ewy Dąbrowskiej