Everyone wants to be slim, healthy and in a good mood, although neither our lifestyle nor being busy all the time are helpful. We can’t solve our your problems, make meetings and survive difficult situations, we can tell you the secret of healthy eating.

Recently, many people from the world of show business, politics and entertainment are falling in love with vegetables and fruits, at the same time gaining perfect shapes and incredible vitality. What causes this amazing positive changes?

Vegetables and fruits every day.

Doctor Ewa’s diet is one of the newest and most effective cleansing diets. It gained its popularity thanks to the spectacular metamorphosis of Karolina Szostak. Recently, Małgorzata Rozenek, popular TV star and wife of one of the most famous Polish footballers, also admitted she’s been using this diet.

We will reveal you what is special and unique about this diet.

The main element of the diet that cleans the body of toxins are vegetables and fruits, supplemented with liquids, preferably with water. The change in nutrition starts with the body cleansing fast. This is a kind of preparation for a new lifestyle, an introduction to culinary and metabolic changes. The second stage is eating just vegetables and fruits in right proportions and there are specific guidelines that regulate what exactly we can eat. In general, the rules are very strict, that’s why they allow you to lose weight quickly and to stop a lot of negative changes in the body. The diet we’re mentioning, stops the aging process, slimming effects and restores the body’s natural ability to self-heal. The lack of any meat, even fish, and the lack of dairy products, makes it an ideal solution for everyone regardless of their beliefs, lifestyle and age.

For who is Ewa Dąbrowska’s diet?

While working on the diet doctor Ewa Dąbrowska noticed a number of benefits not only among people who were overweight, but also among people with various ailments. The improvement of the immunity system, which is very noticeable during strong weather changes, i.e. the autumn-winter and winter-winter solstices, was a worth of notice result. The indications for the diet are asthma and various allergies mainly caused by the presence of artificial ingredients into the environment. Beneficial results can be experienced by people with skin problems, especially those susceptible to acne, and with neurological problems: memory disorders, Parkinson, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, neurosis, brain ischemia.

Introduction of new, completely different meals affects many elements of our body, that’s why it should be consulted with a professional dietitian before using the diet and drug doses should be controlled.

Dieta Ewy Dąbrowskiej