us for long time. By visiting the Ułańska Zagroda and deciding on a vegetable and fruit diet you have a guaranteed care that will be suitable for your body. We approach each guest with an individual proposition. Our offer is a chance to change your life, change your shape and your mind for better. Everyone is different, everyone likes something different, everyone is used to other things. It’s natural. We can not let one life option block us, especially when the body refuses to obey. Now the world is open to us, so it is worth giving a fight for yourself and try a vegetable and fruit diet thanks to which everything can become better.

Do you want to regain your youthful strength and desire to live?

Health holidays are an offer just for you. Improving your health condition, regaining the natural ability to self-healing and internal change for the better is the main goal that you will achieve here. Almost every person who visits us for the first time has no idea that he or she will notice the effects of our work so quickly. An effort you put into everything what you do, stress and thoughts that  maybe you ‘ll give up accompany many people here in every minute of making important decisions but no one here gives up! If you decide to stay with us, you’ll get full help, new diet and spiritual support. We help  you to regain the lost time when the diseases were stopping you from making dreams come true and realizing plans. We ensure the renewal and reconstruction of your body. We provide the necessary tips, helpful throughout the treatment process, methods of using and choosing various bouquets of vegetables. We will show you how to choose the right ingredients and proportions so the meals will not boring and monotonous. We will present the best combinations of vegetables and fruits that will taste excellent and you will love it.

The most wonderful  thing in our offer is that the effects come on their own in an amazingly quick time and they stay for a long time. Vegetable and fruit diet is not burdened with the yo-yo effect and the health you will regain will certainly allow you to enjoy the youthful strength and desire to live at any age.


Ewa Dąbrowska’s holidays, an offer for you!