Fruit & vegetable diet

You are young, energetic, you have million things to do, and eternal lack of time for a healthy meal? Or maybe you are people of a certain age, serious, with part of the life of plans already made and you do not want to spend few hours every day on preparing healthy meals in  your own kitchen? Your status, age, and gender maybe be different, but you’ve got one thing in common… diet, usually not healthy one.

It is very important what we eat, in what quantities and under what conditions. Meal should be a gift for  our work.

However, very often, is just a quick dash and it affects on your body and mind.

dieta warzywno-owocowa

Self-destructive nutrition

Microwave meals being a product of semi-prepared products of unknown origin, heavily processed dishes and eating so-called fast food have little to do with healthy eating. Unfortunately, junk food becomes more and more a part of our trends and culture of life.  Pizzerias, kebab stalls and hypermarkets offering bread from frozen prefabricated products and meals in five minutes are a visible proof of this statement. While our taste buds are easy to fool and we start calling junk food “tasty”, our body slowly becomes a rubbish bin and a generator of falling mood. Yes! At the time when we destroy our body, our body destroys our mind. Later, health problems begin, immunity decreases, overweight increases and before we notice we stand in a queue to a specialist doctor, although theoretically our results are good.

Or maybe a vegetable and fruit diet?

When doctors helplessly spread their arms, conventional medicine does not contribute anything and our body definitely stops to cooperate with us, we start to look for other ways to regain health. Almost no one realizes that the main fault may be bad nutrition.

For thousands of years, when man lived in a natural environment, and meals consisted of plants and meat with no artificial substances and antibiotics, the human body adapted to natural food, which is obvious, after all we are part of nature.

The sudden progress of civilization, artificial and improper fight against diseases, very stressful lifestyle are destructive for our body. So why don’t we take advantage of the opportunities we still have? We will not stop progress, we will not convince people to stop using vehicles, electronics or excessive time use, but we can eat like before the development of civilization. More and more pressure is put on organic farms, without the use of artificial means, fertilizers and chemical methods of combating pests and diseases. Farms that focus on healthy vegetables and fruits are under constant control, where many criteria are examined at several stages of plant growth. Vegetable and fruit diet built on such vegetables and fruits will certainly have beneficial effects for the body and later will bring measurable and visible benefits.

dieta warzywno-owocowa

Vegetables don’t have to be boring!

Many people can not imagine a dinner without the right size pork chop, cabbage with lots of meat or soup cooked on greasy pork. Vegetables are associated with an addition to a meal not a main one, because people’s knowledge about nutrition is small.

In Ułańska Zagoroda we prove you it’s not true. We offer you a diet tailor-made for our guests. It will fulfill you expectations and you will find it delicious and interesting. Food is an art and it should be art, not just to satisfy our senses but alto to be good for our body.