Our civilization brings a number of changes in every life area, the consequences of them are felt after few or even several years. Harmful conditions are not always obviousand it makes them more  difficult to detect. Huge progress is taking place even in the agriculture. Nowadays, we are forced to reach for processed and modified products more and more often. The environment is partly responsible for that because we accustomed nature to artificial interference and help against nature. This ideological change and faster and nervous lifestyle also provoke people to eat in a hurry, usually in so-called fast food restaurants. Meals are prepared from semi-procesed products, and produced from plants and animals of various origins. According to the quote “no matter what is it, it is important it’s good”, people eat anything and anyhow.

Wczasy z dietą warzywno owocową

Like food, like health

For many years, doctors have been warning about growing number of overweight people, and despite the long-lasting fit fashion, only few people can keep their weight on the right scale. Generations of chubby people bring up next generations where health problems start to get more and more serious. Diseases of the circulatory system, heart attacks, gastric problems and neurosis are just a few examples of the consequences of being overweight. Everyone knows where the problem is n theory. But in practice, all the effects of the fight against overweight and diseases caused by it are miserable. Exercising and changing culinary habits requires patience and sacrifices that not everyone can afford. Perseverance is a key element and it weakens when several months of work gives poor results. It seems that we are doing everything right and still there is a mistake somewhere. Instead of finding it with help of a qualified dietitian, we return to the previous, self-destructive mode. Especially when we are on the threshold of summer and holidays, because “we deserve something in life”.

Holidays with fruit & vegetable diet?

Why not? What is the obstacle to combine a healthy, new and better lifestyle with holidays? Zagroda Ułańska offers its guests a perfect combination of diet and holidays. This excellent combination has a number of followers and it is supported by many proofs of effective and long-lasting results. Since dawn of history, man tries to improve the conditions of his life,  to relax and to find sense of fulfillment. But when the excess of duties and worries overwhelmed him every day a good solution always was, and always will be, a moment of break. We give you such a break, in the beautiful surrounding and ideal conditions to change your life for the better. For us holidays are not boring lying with the phone in your hand and quickly prepared meals. With us, both your mind and your body will rest.

Wczasy z dietą warzywno owocową